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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Rituals​ John​ ov3rblast​ live recorded performance from the Deeptakt Records​ . An hour of techno experimentalism , live and direct ,applications used : touchAble​ , Ableton​ link ,Patterning OlympiaNoise@ , Audiobus​ , Borderlands Granular​ , Elastic Drums​ ,TC-Performer @, ThumbJam​ , Studiomux​

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rituals live performance

Rituals live recorded performance for the Deeptakt Records @ @ @ from Germany , exclusive tomorrow for free download ,strictly unreleased personal soundscapes . The beat goes on _

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Quiet Mutations EP

I am very glad to share my first remix for the 2016 for the Canadian talented artist Phoenix York and his Quiet Mutations EP .Outro track from the remarkable release , support , share , listen and feel it, through bandcamp and in few days cd release and in all major digital stores .

Thursday, 18 February 2016


A sample from my forthcoming release /remix for the multitalented singer , vocalist and performer from Australia Amanda Clare Easton Morel .More info very soon .