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Monday, 4 January 2016

The Unfoldment

The Unfoldment

Good evening Ladies and Gents , here it is ! my first official release for the new year , free for download , free for your soul .
'' The Unfoldment '' EP from the Cerebral Audio Netlabel ,from United States - Nebraska .
Share it , love it , dive deep into it , music will save our souls !
Love and light .

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Unfoldment EP

Notes from George De Bruin During a conversation, I mentioned to John that I had started a netlabel. His immediate response was that he would send me an EP. I cringed. I had decided early on that I wasn’t too keen on releasing singles or EP’s initially. My reservation about releasing EP’s is based on the perception that they are generally used as a marketing gimmick. Typically a tie-in for a larger release: a track from an upcoming album, and two or three throw-away tracks. But, I shouldn’t have given it a second thought when John is the artist, because he is just that: an artist. Even a short work by him is worth paying close attention to.// Take The Unfoldment as an example. The four tracks that comprise this release are an enigma. The titles are in different languages. They have similarity in tone and texture, and yet are different. Deep, dark ambient spaces for you to explore. The Unfoldment clocks in at around thirty minutes in length. That’s somewhere between one- half and three-quarters of a full length CD release. But this isn’t a half of an album. It is a complete document that doesn’t fit the format of a full length album.// As for the titles on this release? We’ll leave that for you to decipher... Something to think about as you experience these works. And that makes this release all the more suitable for Cerebral Audio, despite any initials reservations on my behalf.// Preview from my forthcoming release '' The Unfoldment''EP .Tomorrow 4 January 2016 , from the CerebralAudio Netlabel from Nebraska / United States . Approaching the sounds of silence . Something for your mind and your soul . (For free download) Love and light .

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Random Space

Random Space . Included in the free download Christmas Compilation for the 2015 .From the "Petroglyph music" netlabel from Norway . Release date 23 December 2015 . . (Take a deep breath , close your eyes and let yourself go .)

Monday, 30 November 2015

John Ov3rblast - City Heights

Super excited with a new confirmed proposition from a licensing company for films and documentaries based in Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles-California US .(
This track was the one that made it happen .Looking forward to
share with you all , more info about this in few days .

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tonight live and direct from Manchester , starts @ 21:00 GMT till midnight . 23:00 Athens , 13:00 San Francisco , 22:00 Berlin / Rome , 23:00 Cairo , 15:00 Chicago , broadcast @

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Live and direct interview and live performance next Thursday

This forthcoming Thursday 29/10 live and direct from the studios of RADIO Diamond of Manchester . Progress 3 hours live show . Small talk with the host Polarøid owner and founder of the Sub-label Recordings , preview from my '' The Spacing of Spheres EP'' (vinyl & digital release) and 2 hours live personal performance strictly unreleased works . Tune in 21:00 till midnight (GMT) . Event @ The beat goes on _

Friday, 23 October 2015

Interview for the Rude boy Magazine @ Yes ! so here is my first ever interview in depth , for the Rude Boy from United States . I would like to thank Attila Keményfi aka Attila Kemenyfi Photographer /// Manchester for his photoshooting work and how he managed to persuade me to stand still in front of a camera for a while , few words also for my beloved artists Brian Eno , Autechre (æ) ,Warmth Agus aka Warmth , Guillermo Arroyo Sancibrian aka Discknocked , Rod Modell aka DeepChord, Echospace and Ijv Ijv aka Am.Light . SpacealOrbeats ov3rblast Rituals . The beat goes on _

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ø A - John Ov3rblast - Event Horizon Ep Forthcoming 2016

Previews from my forthcoming release '' Event Horizon ''EP .First release for the 2016 . More than excited for this one , my debut release for a label from US/Chicago will bring me closer to a warehouse launch event there .. more info soon.(Cover photo from the talented photographer Peter Solf)